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Just Suppose are specialists in business training and coaching consultancy.  We have extensive experience working with our clients across many different industry sectors, which include; manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, animal health care, leisure & spa, libraries, retail and insurance.

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We have a proven track record in delivering exhibition stand training at International Congresses. We help our clients to maximise their marketing investment at exhibitions.
International congress represents a large investment with a high impact opportunity to influence key target audiences.

Just Suppose® work with clients to ensure that the performance of the team managing the exhibition stand is consistent, professional and meets the needs of brand teams.

Just Suppose® have carried out research both at pharmaceutical/scientific and non-scientific exhibitions. The research findings have enabled us to map out the clinician/customer journey before, during and after all booth interactions. We know from this research that interactions on an exhibition stand require a unique set of skills to be really effective. As such, we have used the insights from this research to develop an ILM recognised trademarked program, which mirrors the delegate journey. The program shares the research findings in an engaging way to enable delegates to understand the clinicians/customers perspective. We combine this with various different techniques to meet our clients specific needs including psychology, influencing techniques, personal projection exercises and where relevant we link the training to our clients sales models or scientific engagement models.

Company representatives or MSLs are often ‘volunteered’ to work as a virtual team managing a stand with little or no formal training, often travelling in from different locations. Just suppose exhibition stand training provide a full service; creating a high performing team to ensure delivery in line with the brand teams objectives. We provide the brand teams with full follow up reports capturing key clinician/customer insights.

To find out more about how your team can stand out from the rest, please contact us at info@justsuppose.co.uk

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